Our Vision is

A college in which all of our pupils are successful in fulfilling their potential, academically, socially, culturally and spiritually, in order to become valuable members of the wider community in which they live, learn and work.

Our Mission is to:

  • Develop a desire for learning in all our pupils leading to high achievement.
  • Prepare our pupils for responsible Citizenship through the educational and social opportunities which Sperrin offers.
  • Establish partnerships with parents/guardians as together we seek to develop their children’s talents.
  • Nurture each child, supporting their individual cultures, while providing opportunities to experience and learn about other cultures.

Our Ethos

  • We will work to ensure that every pupil has opportunity to fulfil their potential regardless of gender, race, ability, social setting, sexuality or religion.
  • Christian values will be presented through Assembly gatherings in both Year Group and Whole School settings. The School Prayer will feature regularly in these contexts.
  • Every child is an individual; we will strive to meet their needs whilst celebrating their diversity.
  • Each pupil will contribute positively within the College community, preparing them to become valuable members of society.