We will communicate with parents and guardians by letter. Sometimes, we will post letters home but, on occasion, we may send letters home with pupils. We will also display Parental Communications on this section of our website.

Our aim is to move to electronic communication and we aim to use our website as a key method of communication with our parents/guardians.

To assist with communication between school and home, Sperrin College uses the C2K Text Service.

This service is used to communicate with parents/guardians by text message. C2K Text Service provides a facility whereby messages and information may be communicated to parents/guardians by mobile telephone. This is particularly useful on occasions when the school needs to communicate important information to parents/guardians urgently. For example, such an occasion may occur if the school needs to close due to adverse weather conditions.

C2K Text Service uses the mobile telephone number that you have provided to us; therefore we would request that you notify the School Office of any changes to your mobile telephone number. If you have not registered a mobile telephone number with us and wish to do in order to receive text messages, please contact the School Office.

 Letters Home 
 First Year  Year Twelve
 Year Nine  Sixth Form
 Year Ten  Whole School
 Year Eleven  


Parent Teacher Meetings 2016 – 2017

 Date  Year Group  Time
   Year 13 and Year 14  7pm – 9pm
   Year 12  6.30pm – 9pm Key Stage 5 Options Talk 6.30pm – 7pm
   Year 8  4pm – 6pm
   Year 10 and Year 11  6.30pm – 9pm Year 10 Options Talk 6.30pm – 7.30pm
   Year 9  4pm - 6pm


Parent Information Events/Other Events

 Date  Year Group  Time/Venue  Focus
   Year 13
 Year 14
 7pm – Dance Studio
 7pm – Technology Suite
 Induction to Sixth Form
 UCAS Information
   Year 13 Collaboration Students  7pm – Rainey Endowed School  Introduction to MLP
   Year 11  7pm – Assembly Hall  Induction to GCSE
   Year 12  6.30pm – Dance Studio  Year 13 Options Evening