6th Form

Sperrin College offers a Sixth Form provision where students are encouraged to embrace new opportunities and responsibilities. Sixth Form students are expected to work together to establish a happy working environment in which respect and consideration for others prevail.

The College offers a wide range of A level subjects, both general and applied, most are taught in the College and some are offered through Magherafelt Learning Partnership, (MLP).


  • Empower our learners to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.
  • Recognise and develop the identity of each learner as an individual and as a member of our school learning community.
  • Ensure our students experience a standard of excellence in both Learning and Teaching in our school.


  • Provide a stimulating, secure learning environment in which pupils feel valued.
  • Encourage and enable students to become life- long learners by teaching them how to learn.
  • Recognise the individual as a learner with different learning styles and intelligences.
  • Put in place and develop a curriculum that empowers our students to achieve their potential.
  • Prepare students for their 18+ experience whether it be third level education or the world of work.
  • Develop students who are confident, motivated and who maximise potential.
  • Develop a culture of self-evaluation, reflection and target setting.
  • Celebrate success.
  • Encourage and involve parents in the learning process.
  • Create a centre of excellence in Teaching and Learning where good practice is shared.


  • Ask everyone to take pride in their appearance and maintain a positive and conscientious approach to their studies.
  • Offer a range of courses appropriate to the needs of individual students.
  • Foster a study ethos which is underpinned by Independent Learning.
  • Ask everyone to play an active role in the life of the college that reflects our integrated ethos.


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