Pastoral Care

Sperrin College is a child centred school.  We believe that pupils who are content and feel secure will thrive.  Our aim is to create an atmosphere where all pupils feel valued as individuals, and are given the support they require in order to be a successful learner.


All members of staff at Sperrin have responsibility for the care and well-being of pupils.  We operate a well structured system to ensure that pupils are looked after.  Every pupil belongs to a Form Group who are guided by a Form Teacher.  The Form Teacher leads the class, and is responsible for monitoring the welfare needs, attendance, academic progress and behaviour of each child in their group.  This teacher also delivers the Personal Development Programme on a weekly basis.  Form Teachers are supported by their Year Head who monitor their Year Group’s progress.  
Pupils are additionally supported by a specialist team including our Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Counsellor, Pastoral Vice Principal and Pastoral Support Coordinator.

All pupils have access to a Personal Development Programme which provides them with the opportunity to explore and discuss issues that impact their daily lives.  The College uses a wide range of external speakers to enhance the pupil’s understanding of such matters.  Recent talks and seminars have included, ‘Firework Safety’, ‘Love for Life’ programme and ‘Mood Matters’.  
The programmes are age appropriate and are reviewed on an annual basis.

The College operates a specific Child Protection Policy which includes procedures to care, support and safeguard children.  Mrs Heron (Pastoral Vice Principal) is the Designated Child Protection Teacher.  She is supported by Mr Davies (Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection). Mr Rowan as Principal oversees the implementation of Child Protection Procedures.
Any parent/guardian with a Child Protection concern may contact Mrs Heron, the Designated Child Protection Teacher.

As an Integrated College our pupils come from many different religious traditions and backgrounds.  The College has a very clear Christian ethos which values all faith groups, and those who do not belong to a faith group equally.  Assemblies are led by the Principal, staff and pupils and include special assemblies marking the religious festivals and special days of significance for the main denominations in the school.  
Readings, prayers and music used also reflect the main religious traditions.

Policies are communicated to parents and pupils during the Induction Process and are also included in the Parent Handbook, the Homework Diary and our school website.  We expect a very high level of behaviour from all our pupils in class, during free time and travelling to and from school.  
Pupils who are accepted into the College must adhere to the Pupil Code of Conduct and the Positive Behaviour Policy.

At Sperrin the opinions of our pupils are valued.  The Pupils’ Council is the forum in which pupils can express their views and voice ideas on issues that relate to them and our College community.  The Council is made up of two elected representatives from each class who act as spokespersons.  Comments from this forum will be given serious consideration.  
The Pastoral Vice Principal helps to organise the meetings and the Principal is invited to attend by the pupils.

Students at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 have a teacher as an ‘Academic Mentor’.  The Mentoring Programme aims to help students set targets for improvement across a range of issues.  
Our aim is to enhance personal achievement and support every student to reach their full potential.

The College rewards pupils for excellent academic achievement, positive behaviour, involvement in sport and positive contribution to school life. Rewards are given to pupils on a regular basis and help to enhance the positive atmosphere in the College.
In addition, all pupils are members of one of four houses – Moyola, Gallion, Sawel and Dart. House competitions are held throughout the year with Sports Day being the most significant event. House winners are rewarded at the end of the school year.